Verus Fidelis Magnet
Verus Fidelis Magnet

Verus Fidelis Magnet

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The Heavy Medal Social Club Verus Fidelis collection was conceptualized in 2006 when a Family memebr was KIA in a Iraq.  Only 19 years of age LCPL. Donald S. Brown, USMC. This had followed a friend and co-worker in 2003 at the age of 21 PFC. Damian S. Bushart.  This collection is dedicated to those that are truly faithful to this country. WE are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.  The pin is exactly that, the words in latin are Verus Fidelis, Intemporaliter Memor. This pin measures 1.125" x 1.25" in size. Nickel finish with Black and Yellow enamel, butterfly clap on back with the english translation "Truly Faithful, Eternally Grateful.

Magnet Measures 5"x 5"

100% of the profits of this item go towards the funding of mental health and re-acclimation services to active and veteran service members.

Fitness Apparel Cut Specifically for you.

We are not the norm!

Heavy Metal Social Club was inspired to be all that is True, Red Blooded American, through and through. Always wanting to provide style and uniqueness that has let Americans stand out as individuals but stand together as one.

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